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PART I: America in the

Late 19th Century


Course Orientation


Weeks 1-2:A New Birth (and death) of Freedom: From Reconstruction to Jim Crow


Week 3: 

Gilded Age: Industrialization/Labor Movement


Week 4: 

Manifest Destiny: Transformation of the West


Week 5:

Huddled Masses: Immigration/Urbanization


PART II: America in the

First Half of the 20th Century


Week 6:

Muckrakers and Trustbusters: Progressive Era


Week 7:

White Man's Burden: Imperialism/World War I


Week 8: 

Birth of the Modern: The 1920s


Week 9: 

Worst Hard Time: Great Depression/New Deal


Week 10:  

Good Fight: World War II 


PART III: America Since

World War II


Week 11: 

Iron Curtain and Red Scare: Cold War


Week 12

Baby Boom: Conformism to Counterculture


Week 13: 

Eyes on the Prize: Civil Rights and Black Power Movements 


Week 14:

The Times They Are a Changin':

Social and Political Movements


Week 15:

Morning in America: Malaise and the Rise of Conservatism















History Sources

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